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Visual Signal
Visual Signal

How to Activate MATFOR

This system is available for activating single, classroom and floating licenses. By enforcing the online system, we believe the activation process would be simpler and more efficient.

To begin the online activation process, you need a serial number stated in the Password Request Form that came in MATFOR software package. Select one of the follwoing license types, fill out the online license activation form and click 'Activate'. An email with complete activation information (including password) will be sent to you upon the approval of your information. Use the password to register MATFOR on your machine.

Single License (Single user only)

Floating License or Classroom License

Express License

Additional Information:

  1. For users of Floating License or Classroom License, please download license_server.exe Windows/Linux
  2. Detail instructions on product installation and registration can be referred to MATFOR 4 in C++/Fortran/VB/C#Quick Start Guide.