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Visual Signal
Visual Signal


mfPlayer is an exclusive visual tool by which the previously saved numerical data is read and displayed.  As MATFOR saves the simulated data  into a MATFOR-defined MFA file, mfPlayer is one approach to present the file as a recorded animation

Download mfPlayer [ZIP 6.7 MB](only supports up to MATFOR4.0 )

Download an example MFA file [ZIP 2.01 MB](only supports up to MATFOR4.0 )

MFA (MATFOR 3D Animated File) is a file format that allows preservation of the original 3-D data during the recording of its simulation.  This unique function is one significant feature as it enables the viewing of the initial data while it is being animated.  mfPlayer users, then, may perform additional graphical manipulations on the animation to examine the simulated data.

To record simulated result(s) into an MFA file, simply use procedures msRecordStart() and msRecordEnd() before and after the animation codes to record the animation:

In C++

mfRecordStart( "filename.mfa" );
     // animation codes

In Fortran

call msRecordStart( 'filename.mfa' )
     // animation codes
call msRecordEnd

To play MFA files:
In Windows:
  1. Go to Start / Program Files / MATFOR4 / Utilities / mfPlayer.
  2. Click File > Open MFA File, select a file then hit Play.
In Linux:
  1. Go to /usr/lib/matfor4/bin to execute mfPlayer.
  2. Type ./mfPlayer xxx.mfa