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Visual Signal
Visual Signal
About Visual Signal
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Visual Signal is a signal processing software developed to provide time-frequency analysis solutions in an intuitive way.The design eliminates the complicated ways of writing a program to produce visual process control components, and instead provides a variety of visual process control components to be utilized. This gives users the ability to create a presentation of their own ideas for analysis without the limitation of needing to be able to code it. AnCAD has ensured that the design of Visual Signal is fast,simple, and effective for users in the field of signal analysis and that it provides a simple yet powerful tool for signal analysis and comparisons.

Channel Module



Channel Switch Demo
Channel Switch allows you to take a multi-channel input and output a     single-channel to be analyzed. This demo shows a multi-channel audio     signal being split into two single-channel audio signals.

Data Selection Demo
Data Selection allows you to precisely determine a time range from a source     data you want to analyze. This demo shows a specific range being removed     from an original signal to become an independent signal.

Mixer Demo
The Mixer function allows multiple signals to be merged into a single-channel     signal. This demo shows a Sine wave and a Noise signal mixed to become a     single signal.

Multiplier Demo
The Multiplier function multiplies two or more input signals together. This     demo shows the multiplication of three separate signals.

Resample Demo
Resample allows you to set a new sampling frequency value to a signal     data. This demo shows a signal being resampled in different ways.

Time Shift Demo
The Time Shift function shifts the graph along the x-axis (time axis). This     demo shows a signal's time axis being shifted.

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