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Visual Signal
Visual Signal
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MATFOR® is a set of libraries developed to enhance computation and visualization in different programming environments: C++, Fortran, Visual Basic and Visual C#. Especially designed for scientists and engineers, MATFOR adds to programs with dynamic visualization capabilities, shortens numerical codes and speeds up development process. By adding a few lines of MATFOR codes to your program, you can easily perform real-time animations, or even produce a movie presentation file as you execute your program.

MATFOR in Depth
New in MATFOR 4.1  
New in MATFOR 4



MATFOR Widget Component
MATFOR Widget is a special widget component created to make ease of MATFOR development available under different integrated development environments. Users may embed the MATFOR widget component into compilers and create a control on the design surface. The figure below demonstrates a programming instance in Microsoft® Visual Studio 2005 . MATFOR Widget has been placed at the bottom of the Toolbox list.
MATFOR GUI System facilitates application-building to enhance interface friendliness. It allows users to create an interface of their preference with MATFOR GUI Builder; one can easily embed the MATFOR widget component into the common UI design environment such as WIN32, BCB, MFC and QT. With the help of GUI Builder, the interface can be customized and saved into a MFUI file based on XML format. MATFOR GUI System then integrates the MFUI file with MATFOR libraries to generate an application. Such application can be executed in common C++ compilers(Intel C++, Visual C++)and Fortran compilers under both LINUX and Windows operating systems. This is one innovation that makes MATFOR different to other applications.

Application for dynamic plate simulation built using MATFOR GUI System
Fast Fourier Transmform
  • Compute one/two-dimensional forward/inverse Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT).
  • Shift zero frequency components of forward/inverse DFT to the center of the matrix.

Representations of time domain and frequency domain analysis
Cartographic Functions
  • Cartographic projection and its inverse operation
  • 2-D/3-D geoid data
  • 2-D/3-D coastline data
Selection of Projection:


Lambert Azimuthal Equal

Lambert Azimuthal Equal

Lambert Azimuthal Equal

Lambert Azimuthal Equal

Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area

Lambert Conformal Conic


Transverse Mercator

More Supported Data File Formats
MATFOR 4 supports standard scientific formulas and common software data formats such as Ascii and CSV to facilitate users in data exchange and data reuse. Besides, import and export of Tecplot data can now be done by MATFOR as well. Additionally, MATFOR 4 supports the common 3-D object formats including 3DS, OBJ and STL.

3D Finite Elemenet dataset presented with MATFOR 4 by reading in Tecplot® data
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