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Visual Signal
Visual Signal
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MATFOR® is a set of libraries developed to enhance computation and visualization in different programming environments: C++, Fortran, Visual Basic and Visual C#. Especially designed for scientists and engineers, MATFOR adds to programs with dynamic visualization capabilities, shortens numerical codes and speeds up development process. By adding a few lines of MATFOR codes to your program, you can easily perform real-time animations, or even produce a movie presentation file as you execute your program.

MATFOR in Depth
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MATFOR GUI Builder is a graphical user interface for the construction of your own GUI. The drag and create manipulation allows quick design of any interface. Automatically generated source files reflecting every change keeps customized interfaces organized and updated. Most notably, the MATFOR Graphics Widget can be embedded into a window to maintain the high quality of graphics.
Applications created:
mfPlayer is an exclusive visual tool by which the previously saved numerical data is read and displayed as an interactive movie presentation. As MATFOR saves the simulated data into a MATFOR-defined MFA file, mfPlayer is one approach to present the recorded animation. The complete video clip can then be viewed from different angles. You can download mfPlayer at utilitiesand tools page .
Data Viewer
MATFOR Data Viewer is a powerful tool that displays simulating data in a spreadsheet format.
  Snapshot panel captures the snapshot of the distribution and size of the two dimensional data.
Analysis Panel
shows the distribution of the data including its average, standard deviation and min/max values.
  Filter Panel
defines a range using conditions of inequalities.
NEW Graphic Viewer
MATFOR Graphics Viewer provides a full range of graphical editing procedures which can be manipulated directly using the menu and the toolbar.

Colorbar Setting Editor

Material Setting Editor

Axis Setting Editor
Full-Screen Function
The full-screen function allows users to view and/or present data at full screen.  This function also serves to eliminate the context for on-screen data capturing and printing.
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